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Because French bulldogs make the world better. Every day. This blog has no commercial purpose whatsoever. I just LOVE frenchies! Feel free to submit your image:

I post pictures of dogs that I have found in the interwebs and try to give a link for the original source, if possible. In case you are a photographer and want me to remove your picture, drop me a note and I will gladly do this.

Meet Coco (after Coco Chanel since she’s a bit french) - she is a froston (french bulldog/boston terrier mix). Her human mom says Coco really wanted to be featured at Dailyfrenchie page. We couldn’t say no to this face…

The first attachment is her catching some rays on a cool fall day, and the second is Coco lounging in her bed snuggled into her elf hoodie.

by Danielle

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