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Because French bulldogs make the world better. Every day. This blog has no commercial purpose whatsoever. I just LOVE frenchies! Feel free to submit your image:

I post pictures of dogs that I have found in the interwebs and try to give a link for the original source, if possible. In case you are a photographer and want me to remove your picture, drop me a note and I will gladly do this.

Here are some pictures of my some fabulous Frenchies: Betty, Margot and Alfred. Sadly Betty is no longer with them. 

by Lesa

Pied dog is Dukie and cream dog is Icey

by Jennifer

Pooped after doggy daycare 
by Michelle

Pooped after doggy daycare 

by Michelle

Brindle is Lenny and the white one with the paci is Stedman

by Jenifer

Best friends! Izzy 6, Zoey 7 months

by Erin

Pebbles with her “boyfriend”, Buddha.  Deep in thought while looking out the window. And being rather cheeky sticking her tongue out.

by Brianna

Nugget (big brother- white) and Pocket (lil sis - b/w) from NYC

by Kara